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July 15, 2024


The Mission Statement of the Lowville Food Pantry, Inc.

      The Lowville Food Pantry Incorporated is established to meet the emergency food needs of individuals and families having a food hardship and to aide during man-made and natural disasters.

      The mission of the Lowville Food Pantry, Inc. is to eliminate hunger and hardship in our community, through the distribution of food, personal and or home care items, to provide information and referral services and to educate in the areas of food safety, nutrition, cooking and preserving food. We also provide various emergency services as funding for such services allows. We help all those who knock on our door regardless of their age, sex, race, creed, color, political affiliation, religious beliefs, cultural diversity or sexual preference in the most understanding and sympathetic manner, recognizing the dignity and equality in each. The pantry is an equal opportunity provider open to the public.

       The Lowville Food Pantry, Inc. is a cooperative of community organizations, social services agencies, and houses of worship, local vendors, schools, farms, families and individuals dedicated to assisting those who have an emergency need. The pantry is maintained and operated by an all volunteer staff, with volunteers doing everything from gathering and moving food, to packing it and delivering it. Our volunteers also work in their houses of worship, clubs, schools, agencies and businesses to organize food drives, raise funds and provide outreach to the community. Volunteers stock, store and distribute goods to those who find themselves in time of special need or crisis. Our mission is based on a compassionate hand up as we respect the dignity of each individual we serve.

       Monetary donations made to the Lowville Food Pantry, Inc. are exclusively used to maintain and purchase food and other needed items including but not limited to; meats, fruits, vegetables, baby food, formula, diapers, dairy products and toiletries . The focus of the pantry is to provide essential emergency items to promote healthful living and reduce or eliminate hunger in our community. We strive to serve all those who knock on our door with a need.
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